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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive to Advertisers

During the past few years blogging has become a huge business option and it is one of the best ways to use your creative ability. The competition in this industry is intense, many people have maintained nice blogs and thus it becomes really difficult to stay ahead of others. If you have an inner feeling that your blog should get a lot of traffic and you would get signed with advertisers, but is that’s not what is happening then you can follow these 10 ways to make your blog more attractive to advertisers.
1. You should get advertise with us banner on the front page of blog. You would like to make a label or some graphic on the basic page in order to highlight the icon of ‘advertise with the blog’. This shall take viewers to the info page that shall contain all details of charges of different ads. You should always make sure that you keep it above fold as you want to attract the maximum number of advertisers to the site.
2. The second thing that you need to do in order to make the blog attractive is to be very specific, don’t put anything irrelevant onto the blog. Irrelevant stuff shall only cause decline in your site’s reputation and you shall not be able to make it attractive. Advertisements also need to be very specific as only blog related adverts are able to get good hits.
3. Using a banner head is one of the best ways to attract the advertisers. You can catch their attention to earn some extra bucks, if you lack a proper paid placement thing; you can simply put up a house or property advert on the site, it shall serve the purpose.
4. Using statistics of site visitors is another great way of attracting the advertisers. Common stats such as monthly visitors and the 1st time visitors should be shown clearly on the sites homepage. Other statics such as the ones for all visitors to date, or Google’s Public Reputation or ranking can be displayed once a week or such details can be seen on clicking a link.
5. Knowing the audience is really important in order to make the blog attractive for advertisers. You can show site visitor’s statistics in order to know the demographics of readers. You may also have some polls for getting specific info.
6. There should be an about us page on the site, this helps the advertisers and common readers to know about the purpose of the blog and about you.
7. Excess clutter should be eliminated from the site, no need to have flash animations and games that take extra space.
8. Having links to social networking sites is a must these days. These hyperlinks help you in getting integrated and also create the sufficient buzz that is a requirement.
9. Posting content on regular basis is the basic thing that should be done to keep the blog updated and attractive.
10. At the end you need to be well aware of other blogs, this helps you in knowing about the things that are being done by competitors.

How to Make Money Blogging from Affiliate Programs
There are several things that you can do with your high traffic blog; you can monetize it in a big number of ways. There are some people that believe putting advertisements on their blogs is not the right thing to do, while others are of the view that they offer a great opportunity to earn a lot of extra income and fully use the blogs. Among the best things that you can do from your blog is to run affiliate programs on it. The basic question is how to make money blogging from affiliate programs. There are a big number of affiliate programs to choose from, with thousands of different products and you may often find it difficult to come to a decision. If you analyze other bloggers you shall see that many are earning really good money from the successful affiliate programs.
The answer of ‘how to make money blogging from affiliate programs’ is that you need to consider a small number of things, first one is to step into the shoes of your reader. You could be having a lot of traffic on your site; most of the visitors would be regular ones. While they navigate different pages of your site, they could be interested in looking at blog relevant products. You need to identify the products that would be required by the readers. Apart from this you can use triggers that shall make the readers buy those products, so you should advertise products that fulfill your audience’s requirement.
You may start advertising products that you shall not even use yourself, but this shall not be a good step. You need to solve problems of your blog visitors and only advise them products that you find to be good and inexpensive. You need to help the readers if you want to make money from the affiliate programs. You should only advertise the products and companies that have got a great reputation in the market. Along the quality factor you should not ignore the price tag. You must keep your readers in mind; if they are rich then you can advertise luxury items, otherwise not. Overall low priced quality products shall get you some really nice income.
Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is location of the ads that you post on blog. Ads and links should be placed at places where they have the maximum chances for being clicked. In most of the cases top portion of sidebar is the place for putting ads. Another good place is to put ads at the end of a blog post; ads related to the post are most likely to be checked out. You might not be able to get success straightaway from affiliate programs. You need to do a lot of experiments in order to know what works and what doesn’t work. If you know results of the various experiments that you have done, you shall be able to earn really nice money from good affiliate programs.

Key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog

Blogging is indeed a great career and if you make it yours, it is really important that you must keep your target audience in mind while writing content. If the readers are completely satisfied from the quality content that you post, it shall be the best way to get maximum traffic and attract a lot of readers onto the site. The basic thing that keeps blogger away from reaching this target is that they are not able to please their readers, and in most of the cases it is due to wrong selection of topics. There are a number of key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog which you shall learn from this article. Most of the writers are found facing writer’s block situation and the very best thing to do in such a situation is to use your brain as a reader and decide the topics for blog content, you need to think about the requirements of the reader.
Among the key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog is confidence. The writer should be very confident that the content he has developed is of high quality and he should stay satisfied from it. If the writer is confident about the content and he has got proper knowledge as well, then he can write it in the best manner. You as a writer need to analyze the topics that get the maximum number of hits, they would surely be the ones in which you have got the maximum interest and were confident to write about.
Key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog also include research. You need to do enough research prior to choosing any desired topic. Doing research is really important as you need to deliver accurate content, readers are pretty smart and they know whether you are telling a lie or giving correct info. You only need to choose the topics on which you have done enough research and know all facts about them. Knowledge and research are two different things, you might have done research on a topic, but still might lack understood facts about it. Choosing topics from other blogs is not the right thing to do, you may have to reply to queries to a topic, thus proper knowledge is required.
Experience has a lot of affect on the topic that you write, if you have had any good or bad real life experience on the topic under discussion; it should be shared in order to get maximum audience interest. Readers are highly interested to know about the personal experiences of bloggers. You should make efforts to choose the topics that provide some tips to your readers; they shall be highly grateful to you and would become regular readers of your blog posts. In order to make your blog successful, you need to remember Key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog, there is no better way to reach success in blogging than this.

How to make money blogging

Blogging has become one of the best ways to earn money online, number of blogs is increasing with each passing day. A person that has a well running blog can earn all that he wants from it. There are a number of ways to make money by blogging and some of them shall be discussed in this article. People earn six figure incomes annually just by utilizing their blogs to the fullest. Blogging when paired with affiliate marketing makes the best combination, as you get the chance to tailor the affiliate marketing strategy to suit any category of items that you like. There are several affiliate programs for each and every niche that has been ever been used, using them is one of the answers to the question how to make money blogging.
Email marketing often stands at the top and is a lucrative way to earn good money. Even if you use an auto-responder or a simple transmission of emails, you shall be able to earn a lot more money than any other competitor. With the aid of email marketing you are able to achieve the target of forming a close relation with your site’s visitors than any other way. You would be able to score a century straight away by using the auto-responder thingy as you send a series of emails after users sign up. In future all those readers start to expect even better hospitality from your side and when you give it to them, they are simply delighted.
You can add some affiliate offerings in your auto-responder, but only till they are relevant. Making a large sized list of email addresses and sending out the affiliate link to all of them can earn a lot for you and in a very small time period. Another thing that helps in making money through blogging is to make video reviews of products and then upload them. People are always delighted to see the blog runner using a certain product himself; they might send a number of mails to ask more facts about that product. This whole idea sounds quite like a commercial and the only difference is use of a lot of logos.
Twitter is also really helpful when it comes to making money from blogging. Things go pretty same as emails, but this is easier as you are able to generate a bigger list of people in short time. Once you create an image of making good tweets, people shall always read your tweets with attention and when you recommend and product from the affiliate marketing product list, they shall try it. A strong tweet link that has been sent to several readers has a greater impact than anything else.
Making money from a highly visited blog is nothing tough; you only need to be on the right track. The answer to ‘how to make money blogging’ has been answered pretty well in this article and if you stick to the advice you shall be among the high earners.

Easy ways to make money online

There are many easy ways to make money online and these days IT industry is at the top of the world businesses. There are many scams out there, but we shall mention only the tested methods of earning money online. Some of the methods that we shall discuss here need prior skills, but they can be learned with ease.
Mechanical Turk of Amazon is one of the best ways to make nice cash. You might not be able to earn more than a few dollars for an hour of working, but the tasks are really simple and easy. Most of the tasks can be completed within a minute and you get a few cents for it. If you really put some efforts of earning money on Mechanical Turk you shall be able to gather good money for recreation.
Selling stock photos is another great way of making money online. You need to look at the trends of the sites and then decide the pictures that you would like to sell. iStockPhoto is the best site for selling all your stock photos, you would be required to submit three great pictures to get signed up.
Selling your stuff on eBay is another nice way to earn good money. You don’t need to go from door to door in order to sell out your excess stuff, use eBay to sell anything that you have. You can use your skills such as formatting data of previous users on an old laptop and buy a number of old laptops to resale them.
If you are good at writing then freelance writing can be one of the best things that you can do online in order to earn money. You need to have proper keyword research in order to create high quality SEO articles. You can create a batch of related articles and later on find some buyers for it, but the better way is to make a deal with a buyer on the basis of each word that you write. You may be reached by magazines and if you meet their standards you can earn a lot of money with ease. Publications of almost every possible niche exist and you can earn money by writing for the ones you are interested in.
Transcribing audio files is often pretty high paying; many sites require explanations of the videos and in some cases of the audio files, you can earn good money in that way. The skills required shall be good listening and command on English or any stated language. Taking a look at the rules of transcribing is a must before transcribing any file.
The trend has shifted from office assistants to virtual assistants and you if you have the ability to become a good one, you can easily be paid up to 15$ and hour. People have started to hire virtual assistants as they don’t want to spend money on having a proper cabin and other hardware for their assistants and this trend is emerging at a quick rate. These easy ways to earn money online are very practical and you can take full benefit from them.  


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